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2Pac – I Get Around Lyrics

Aww, yeah (round and round) (round it go) I get around Still clown with tha underground When we come around (round and round) (round it go) Stronger than ever Back to get wreck All respect to those who break they neck To keep they hoes in check Cuz, hoes, they sweat a brotha majorly and […]

2Pac – Keep Ya Head Up Lyrics

Little something for my godson Elijah And a little girl named Corin Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice I say the darker the flesh, then the deeper the roots I give a holla to my sisters on welfare 2Pac cares if don’t nobody else care And I, I know they like […]

2Pac – So Many Tears Lyrics

I shall not fear no man but God Though I walk through the valley of death I shed so many tears If I should die before I wake Please God walk with me Grab a nigga and take me to Heaven Back in elementary, I thrived on misery Left me alone I grew up amongst […]

2Pac – Changes Lyrics

Come on, come on I see no changes, wake up in the morning, and I ask myself Is life worth living, should I blast myself? I’m tired of bein’ poor, and even worse I’m black My stomach hurts, so I’m lookin’ for a purse to snatch Cops give a damn about a negro Pull the […]

2Pac – Thugz Mansion Lyrics

Shit, tired of getting shot at Tired of getting chased by the police and arrested Niggas need a spot where we can kick it A spot where we belong, that’s just for us Niggas ain’t gotta get all dressed up and be Hollywood You na’mean? Where do niggas go when we die? Ain’t no heaven […]

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