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Adele – One and Only Lyrics

You’ve been on my mind I grow fonder everyday Lose myself in time Just thinking of your face God only knows Why it’s taken me so long To let my doubts go You’re the only one that I want I don’t know why I’m scared I’ve been here before Every feeling, every word I’ve imagined […]

Adele – Painting Pictures Lyrics

Painting pictures with my mind Making memories using my eyes Filling up my heart with golden stories Who adds some spice to the rhythm of life Ooh Welcome sunrise with the morning glory I’ve changed my mind There is no simple I thought of me I want to see I want to feel my heartbeat […]

Adele – Lay Me Down Lyrics

I would never lie to you Unless you tell me to Every part of me, oh All my words to hold And hold against me Why won’t you let it be? Don’t you ever say my love Opened up your heart No, I’m not gonna do it standing up The words don’t come out right […]

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