Tag: Massive Attack

Massive Attack – Group Four Lyrics

A flask, I drink of sober tea While relay cameras monitor me And the buzz surrounds, it does (Buzz surrounds, buzz surrounds) Closed eyed, sky wide open Unlimited girl, unlimited sigh Elsewhere, indefinitely far away Magnifies and deepens Ready to sing My sixth sense peacefully placed on my breath And listening (Keeps me from my […]

Massive Attack – Future Proof Lyrics

Borderline case. Reinforced glass. Absent friends, Passport photos, An elastic past. Empty pocket… And they think it’s all… (and they think it’s all) They think it’s all. It’s all wrapped up on a swollen lip. He draws the warm pipe. Chemicals, Chemicals captured… in winter’s grip, Turn us on. Seperate the leper. Hungry ghosts, Hungry […]

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