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Next – Butta Love Lyrics

Hsss ugh I gotta be real wit’ you, baby Just gotta let you know You’ve got the love that I want (That’s right) The love that I need (Word is bond, it’s butta, baby) (Check this out) You’re like my homie, my shorty, you’ve shown me so many things And you’re so special to me […]

Next – I Still Love You Lyrics

I still love you, babe I’m still for you, girl I’ll never leave you, baby ‘Cause I realize I need you in my life Girl it just ain’t right what we said last night ‘Cause I know we didn’t mean it You feel the love is gone ’cause we don’t get along But I can […]

Next – Too Close Lyrics

I wonder if she could tell I’m hard right now, hmm Yeah, come on, dance for me baby, ha ha, yeah Oh, oh, you feel that? Alright Come on, don’t stop now You done did it, come on, uh, yeah, alright, hold on Baby when we’re grinding I get so excited Ooh, how I like […]

Next – Wifey Lyrics

You never try me Always stood right by me Make living lively Highly spoken of My only love The only one, you’re my wifey Make me life complete, sweet But you know when to flip it street Freak but only when it comes to me See that’s why you’re my wifey This you should know […]

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