Tag: Phil Vassar

Phil Vassar – Carlene Lyrics

I was lousy at math, a failed historian Carlene was the valedictorian I was quarterback in the back of the class She was the whiz kid in the horned-rim glasses It’d been a long time since I’d been around Since I’d set foot on my old stomping ground I ended up by the old school […]

Phil Vassar – Six-Pack Summer Lyrics

(Phil Vassar, Charlie Black, Tommy Rocco) (beer opening and laughs) (That’s right) Winter sure was cold and miserable Cooped up, shut down, baby it was pitiful Anyhow, it’s over now We owe to ourselves to have a little fun The pace car’s pacin’ now the green flag’s wavin’ Uh, oh another six-pack summer comin’ Sing […]

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